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hacer amistadas en el coliving para nómadas digitales en El Palmar

In this post we explain what are the benefits of staying in our coliving space instead of a private house or private room in another place in El Palmar.
We have accommodation options for both situations. So if you want more privacy or space for yourself, a couple or a family, we have the option to stay in El Palmar for a reasonable price and join the activities we offer so you can continue to be a part of our community.
The houses that are not located in our coliving space are actually closer to the beach and can be a little cheaper depending on the location.
I will try to explain why staying at our coliving is so much more fun and inspiring and what experience you can expect.
First of all, in our coliving space we have two houses that each have their own private garden and terrace with table and chairs where you can work from, as well as in the living room where you will find a table with chairs in the kitchen space and a living room with 2 sofas in the living room space.

Talleres y coworking en el coliving El Palmar
Talleres y coworking en el coliving El Palmar

So more than enough space to find a place to work from. In addition to these spaces, there is a common area that is shared with the people of the other house. Here you will find the pool, barbecue and shared coworking space with a table, chairs and shade provided by the sunscreen that we are going to install.

This area has artificial grass which makes it a great place for morning yoga sessions, you can be guided or you can do it alone or in the company of other digital nomads that we host.

This area also serves as a networking and meeting space so you can get to know other digital nomads better and maybe even form collaborations and at least share some valuable insights.
We’ll also be there to share information with you about the area, the best places to eat and shop (think organic and high-quality food), and we can also share insights about our professional insights and strategies.

If you stay in our coliving you will be more connected with other people and you will have a social life directly from the moment you arrive in El Palmar.

You will be more connected to all the activities we organize and there will also be some activities in our coliving such as:

  • Swimming pool
  • Morning yoga sessions
  • Spontaneous organized activities such as going to a concert, surfing, watching the sunset or a small excursion
  • Logistics, we have a van that we use for the excursions so that you can accompany us on these trips and be the first to reserve your place
  • We have bicycles and surfboards that you can rent or buy with us at a low price
  • In the coliving space you will find better facilities such as a blender to make delicious smoothies. We will leave a menu with ingredients to make healthy and energizing smoothies to start the day with renewed energy. We will also leave a list with all the organic fruits and vegetables that you can order from a local farmer and that will be delivered to you at the coliving space.
  • We will try to install the hammocks we have but we still have to check if the facilities are adequate
  • We will create a pleasant atmosphere with lighting and decoration.
  • Ecological gardening
  • Barbecues and shared dinners and breakfasts. We can organize a kitchen system where one person will cook or prepare breakfast. This way we can save time and money cooking for more people and we will have more fun eating together.
  • You will have the company of our 2 chickens and a sweet cat 😉

Our sweet cat 🙂

Our cat is very sweet 🙂
The organic garden and the two chickens will be housed in a large vacant lot of about 2,000 square meters that is located next to the common area where the pool is located.

The cat will stay where he feels comfortable. If you are uncomfortable or allergic to cats, you can keep the cat away from your private space and it will be fine. The cat will know when it is not welcome. We are not going to have any more pets in the coliving space, but in the other houses, it may be that we can hospitalize you with your pet.

For shared dinners and breakfasts we can organize it with the Ecolivers themselves. It can be spontaneous or more organized with a calendar to schedule who prepares dinner or breakfast on what dates.
As you probably know, it’s more efficient and cheaper to cook for more people at once. If you want, we can make a shared daily budget for shopping and make sure all the food is there for you to prepare.

Check all the activity ideas here (there are many, you can translate them into English on the website):
Get to know the workshops, excursions and activities that we offer!

Some advantages of off coliving site spaces:

  • A little more privacy
  • Closer to the beach
  • May be a bit cheaper depending on hosting.
  • You can have more space if your budget allows
  • It may be that we can accept you to stay with your pet

Either way, whether you choose to stay in or out of our coliving, we’ll be happy to share with you the inside scoop to save you time and enjoy better quality time as we guide you to the best and most affordable places in the area. .
And everyone is welcome to join any shared activities. Just understand that you will be more involved, have easier and earlier access to our activities and transportation options if you stay at the coliving space.

What type of personality is living in our coliving a great idea for?

To give you an idea of what our ideal client is like, we will explain here what our mission is and the purpose of this coliving.
Our mission: to bring together digital nomads motivated by creativity and entrepreneurs who want to have a positive impact on the world and live a perfect balance between work and life at sea.

Who is this coliving for?

Digital nomads, startups, entrepreneurs and people who want to learn a digital nomad lifestyle, get inspired, be free, get out of the system and live a healthy and independent life. Be independent of location, make a positive impact on the world and your direct environment with your actions with a positive attitude, genuine gestures and small changes that can trigger a bigger movement.

What is the goal of coliving?

We focus on sustainability, green, healthy and ecological. We want people to learn how to grow their own organic healthy food, build their own house with biomaterials, learn to invest in sustainable ethical projects, eat healthy, increase their spiritual well-being and that of others, be financially and location independent.
We’re going to be hosting some special events for this, so keep an eye on our Facebook posts @colivingdigitalnomad and our newsletter for announcements.

Ser feliz en el Coliving en El Palmar
Ser feliz en el Coliving en El Palmar

Prices, reservations and availability:

We have prices from one week. If you stay longer you can get a better price. Also if you share the room (with your friend or friend) or if you come in January, February or March it will be cheaper. The advantage of staying in our Coliving is that you will be more connected to the community, share experiences and knowledge with other digital nomads, be more connected to the workshops, excursions and transport options, the swimming pool, Sunday barbecues, sharing meals together, cheap bike and surfboard rent and enjoy the good vibes at our Coliving space 😉 Outside the coliving site we have availability for a private room for an individual or couple or the whole house that has 2 bedrooms. Do you want to know the prices for your preferred dates, type of accommodation and number of people? Then talk to me on WhatsApp: I’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can also contact us on the contact page.

 We hope to see you soon!

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