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Part of a huge stretch of exposed beach that stretches from Conil to Trafalgar, El Palmar is a once-sleepy town now famous for being a constant catcher of swell and home to some high-quality peaks. When it’s on, the waves will be powerful and hollow, throwing up excellent rights and lefts. The most popular peaks are usually near the La Torre tower. Exposed to the wind so it benefits from a light breeze from the east. In El Palmar there are more than 40 surf schools because here the waves are the most consistent and with the bars and restaurants they form a very pleasant environment for surfers and tourists.

Webcam El Palmar

To know the real weather conditions in real time, you can use this, this and this webcams where you can view live video of El Palmar and check the wave conditions.

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Enjoy surfing on the best beaches in Cádiz with warm weather all year round. The best months to surf are between September and May. But also in the summer months tourists love to learn riding the friendly waves and with the warm weather and water temperature.

Waves Forecast El Palmar


Videos surfing en El Palmar

The Best Waves In Cadiz, Spain

The best waves in Cadiz can be found in El Palmar, Caños de Meca, Fuente de Gallo and Roche in Conil de la Frontera and Hierbabuena beach where there is the best wave in Cadiz and the Open Surf Yerbabuena championship.

Surfing El Palmar, Caños de Meca y Yerbabuena

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