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What is your mission?

We want to bring together inspiring and creative digital nomads and startups who have a positive mindset and who want to contribute to making the world a better place so that life has a deeper meaning.

What do we want to learn and teach in our space?

We want to learn, share and teach how to be successful with a mind focused on what you really want to do. We also want to learn and teach with different workshops how to live a healthy life independent of the system with your own garden with organic fruits and vegetables, bioconstruction to make your own house with natural materials, learn a better life as a digital nomad with online marketing workshops. and also craft and cooking workshops among others. We cannot promise you that you will learn all of these things as our time is limited and we organize these things during different events throughout the year. What we can promise is that you will have a great time and enjoy your stay as much as possible.

Is it necessary that you like water sports such as surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing to enjoy El Palmar?

Absolutely not, there are many things to do besides water sports in and around El Palmar. Think about visiting the white villages, going to the local markets, going for a bike ride, endless walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets and a sky full of stars, enjoying tapas, wine and bodegas (Cadiz wine is from excellent quality and Jerez is famous for its sherry), enjoy live concerts, flamenco, craft and second-hand markets, horse riding, hiking and much much more. You can get inspired here!

Do I have to be a digital nomad to come to your Co living?

Not really. You may be an aspiring digital nomad and want to learn how to live the digital nomad lifestyle. You will definitely get a lot of inspiration, ideas and enough confidence to make the jump into the digital nomad lifestyle. One of our target groups is also sustainability, ecological awareness and freedom seekers who want to break free from the system and become self-sufficient. For this we have different workshops that we will announce in our agenda, newsletter and social networks. If you have any of these skills or want to learn them, then you are more than welcome to stay in our place and share your knowledge or absorb it. So you could be someone who loves our concept and feels connected to it. If you have something to share with others and you have a positive attitude to make the world a better place and you make your contribution by learning and sharing knowledge, then you are welcome to our co living.

Directions; How to get to our Coliving in El Palmar from Malaga, Madrid, Jerez de la Frontera and Seville?

You can check all busses and blablacar option with this search engine!

From Malaga: You can take the bus from Malaga to Cádiz and exit at the Conil de la Frontera stop
From there you take the bus to El Palmar for €1.20, take a taxi or use our pick-up service for €20.-.

Another option is to take the bus from Malaga to Algeciras and from there take the bus to Cadiz and get off at Conil de la Frontera.

You can also check at blablacar.es the shared trips that go directly to El Palmar or go to Cádiz and stop at La Barca de Vejer or better in Conil de la Frontera

From Seville: You can take a bus to Conil de la Frontera. There are 4 trips a day to Conil de la Frontera from Seville, at 09:30, 12:50, 14:00 and 18:00. From Conil you can take the direct bus to El Palmar with the same company. There are 2 buses a day from Conil de la Frontera to El Palmar, at 09:50 and 18:35

From Madrid: You can take the train to San Fernando and from there take a Blablacar or bus to El Palmar but keep in mind that this bus does not go every day. You have to check first if there is a bus and what time it leaves. It also leaves at another station so you have to go to this station first to catch the bus there. Another option is to go first to Seville with the bus and follow the route indicated above.

From Jerez de la Frontera:  If you had a flight to Jerez de la Frontera and need to go to El Palmar from the airport of Jerez de la Frontera your best option is a blablacar. Second best option is to go to the bus station with the  TGComes bus and get a bus (at 14:15, double check it!) to Conil de la Frontera.

What are the cheapest flights to Malaga and Sevilla?

You can check Ryanair, Vueling and other cheap airlines for European flights and for international flights we recommend to use the cheap flight finder service of Club Nomada. They are travel hacking experts and when you are a member and purchase the Biannual plan you get one two personal cheap flight finder service included. You also get acces to hundreds of cheap flight options for example return tickets to Bali, Cuba, Mexico, Miami, USA for around €350,-.

How do I make a reservation?

You can chat with us using the direct chat button in the bottom left corner or even better chat with us on WhatsApp, as we may not be able to reply to you directly via chat on the website. Do click here to chat with us on WhatsApp or write to us at the contact page!
We will check availability and prices for the dates and type of accommodation you prefer.

How do I pay?

You can make a reservation by depositing € 200,- non-refundable. We will then block your dates and make sure your space is clean and ready to move in. The rest of the amount of your stay can be paid upon arrival. If you want to split the total amount because you will be staying for more than a month, we will discuss the payment process with you.

Is there a deposit?

We ask you for a deposit of 50% of your monthly fee, which will be between €100 and €500 depending on whether you have a shared room, a private room or the whole house. If there is no damage, we will refund the deposit we hold for you.

What is included in the price?

You will have a weekly cleaning, clean sheets and you will be able to use all your private and common spaces. Towels are not included for hygiene reasons, as guests usually take them to the beach. You can bring your own towels or buy them from the user at the supermarket where they have all sorts of useful things besides food. In addition, you are part of the community, which means that you benefit from a discount

What activities, excursions and workshops do you offer?

We have written a complete article about the activities, workshops and excursions that we offer. Most of the activities that we organize spontaneously and some that require more preparation will be announced in advance in our agenda and on our Instagram and Facebook page (English and Spanish). When you make a reservation we will send you a questionnaire to know which activities you like the most and we will see if we can organize one of them. You can participate in all the activities and each activity has a different price and we charge it separately. But don´t expect that all activities have to come from our side. You should be pro-active and contribute to the community in order to keep thing vibrant and alive. Our time as organizers is limited. You can check also this interactive map where you can find more things to do in El Palmar.

Is there a weekly cleaning service so I don’t have to clean anything?

Absolutely not! You are sharing the space with other people. To keep the living space comfortable for everyone, we ask that you clean everything you use. Keep the common space livable for everyone and you will help maintain a positive community environment. If you fail to clean the things you use, we will charge you for the cleaning service.

What to bring to El Palmar?

  • Windbreaker jacket (or buy here)
  • Neoprene 2/3 for summer and 3/4 for winter
  • Surf shoes for in the winter
  • Travel insurance, we recommend SafetyWing.com

Why are the houses called ecological houses?

The houses are off the grid, which means they have solar panels and the water comes from the well. The quality of the water is quite good but not drinkable. To drink water we organize weekly excursions on Sundays to La Muela, which is a small village on top of a hill that has spectacular views, a small waterfall and a place to get fresh drinking water. The water from this fountain is of very high quality and we will give it away to our guests. You are welcome to join us any Sunday at La Muela which we can highly recommend as we will also stop at a local tapas bar there (there are 2 opposite each other) where they have very high quality tapas, large portions and forums. . Very low price, so take advantage of it. There are also some hiking trails around there and if we have time we can also do a little hike.

Are there any special housekeeping rules?

Because we are not connected to the electrical system or sewage, you should know that we cannot use energy-intensive electrical equipment when there is no sun. So at night we can’t use the washing machine and we have low voltage hair dryers. But the most important thing is that we can’t throw toilet paper as it will block the toilet and create inconvenience for others as the toilets are shared. We will let everyone know if we talk to them before they check in and there will be warning signs in the restrooms telling everyone to put their papers in the bin to make sure everyone follows this rule. If a toilet gets clogged we expect the guest to fix it and if this is not possible we deduct the cost, which is approximately €50, from your deposit to resolve the issue.

What to know about the pool?

The pool area is a fun area where we meet, where you can work in the coworking area there, make friends, network, join the barbecue, swim, play volleyball in the pool if it doesn’t disturb other people (noise or water when people are working in the coworking space). To keep the pool clean, we ask everyone to first shower in the poolside shower before jumping in. Drinks and food are not allowed in the pool for hygiene reasons.

Will I have enough privacy?

If you have your own room you will definitely have a private space and only one room in the house to share with someone else. The objective of Co living is to share experiences but also to be comfortable in the space. For longer stays it will be more comfortable to have your own room unless you are staying with your partner in the room. We have private room options in the main location as well as closer to the beach and approximately 1 km from the main location.

Are the activities mandatory?

The activities will be proposed to you and you can choose to participate or not. We also ask you what kind of activities you would like to have to see if we have enough enthusiasm for it. Some activities will take place in the common space of the two houses where the pool is located. These can be activities such as barbecue, yoga and, for example, a spontaneous game of volleyball in the pool. If you don’t want to or can’t participate you will still have the garden, the terrace, the living room and your own room to enjoy. We also have a piece of land next to the common space where the pool is where we will try to create an ecological garden and we can do eco-gardening and bio-construction workshops.

What are the best months to surf and where are the best spots in the area?

We wrote a full article about it!

What are the best months for kitesurfing and windsurfing and what are the best spots in the area?

We wrote a full article about it!

What is the weather like throughout the year?

We wrote a full article about it!

What is there to do in El Palmar?

We wrote a complete article about that and also something about < a href=”https://colivingdigitalnomad.com/why-el-palmar-is-such-a-special-and-unique-place/”>the history of El Palmar and interesting dates for festivals, festivities, national holidays, etc.

What is a coliving?

We wrote a whole article about it!

Can I bring my pets?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed because some guests do not like or are allergic to pets. And you also have to conserve the space well since pets can damage objects such as the sofa and the bed where they can leave their hair. They can also make noise and disturb people a bit when they work.

Is there a selection process?

We would like to have a conversation with you to see if you fit the concept. And to see if you and the others at Ecolivers feel comfortable in our place and with each other. Our goal is to unite inspiring, positive and friendly people who want to have a positive impact on the world and their direct environment. Especially people who have knowledge to share with others to form bonds and collaborations on the spot are people who will be high-potential Ecolivers. You can schedule a meeting with us here!

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