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Hello Ecoliver, this section is to share discounts and benefits for digital nomads.

It’s constantly being expanded so check back from time to time to see if you find what you need.

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We know that this life choice is quite an adventure and we want to share with you what we are learning together in the Community. Sharing is one of the most effective paths to self-knowledge, personal development and success.

Just like us, there are many people for whom this philosophy of being free and dedicating yourself to your own business, leaving the box, has changed their lives… Can you imagine what it is like to get together with other people like you and exchange experiences, activities and knowledge?

Access from today to the courses and workshops of our Ambassadors

Borja Girón and Carmina Lozano, they make digital marketing workshops and courses available to us so that you can grow your business quickly.

All our free and unlimited content on nomadism and personal growth.

We love nomadism and personal growth so you will have constant content on these topics in our podcast, blog and email.

Ecolivers Community


Once a month, we will do a direct with an expert, you can ask him about your specific case and solve all your doubts. Better than any formation!

Discounts up to 70% on digital marketing tools for belonging to the community.

Digital Nomad discounts for belonging to the Community

Ecolivers resources and discounts


landing page builder and sales funnels

68.5% Discount, you pay €5.99/month instead of €19 With "Soy Ecoliver"

Talleres en directo de marketing online con nuestro embajador Borja Girón entre otros


Borja Girón digital marketing courses, totally FREE!

50% Descuento en cada paquete de hosting en AgenciaKitDigital.es con codigo Soy Ecoliver


50 % Rabatt auf jedes Hosting-Paket bei AgenciaKitDigital.es mit dem Code Soy Ecoliver

Airbnb logo

€35 discount on your next vacation of €65 or more

Open a new account and on your next trip you get €35,- discount if you spend €65,- or more!

booking.com logo

Booking.com discount

With the link below you have a discount on Booking.com. Open a new account with the link below and make your first booking.


Travel hacking: get plane tickets at ridiculous prices

Get cheaper plane tickets with Club Nomada, the travel hackers from Spain who created this platform where you can find incredibly cheap plane tickets with discounts between 50% and 70%. Fly to Ibiza, Tenerife or anywhere in Spain for €9. Fly to and from Mexico or the US from Spain for less than €350. These are just some examples of prices. Offers and dates vary all the time. Be sure to check regularly for offers for your desired destination! Membership prices start at €160 per year. With our link you also get a free private search for any route you are looking for (worth €60). With a flight you can already recover your investment and more. This is an amazing service for travel agencies and groups looking for cheap flights. Decide for yourself!

500 mb de espacio gratis en dropbox

500 mb of free space in Dropbox with our link

Use our link and install the Dropbox desktop app and you will get 500 MB. The moment they download the application behind our link you receive 2gb plus 500mb for free. In addition to the 500 MB you get for free with our link, you'll get 3.88 GB free when you complete these simple tasks:

  • Bonuses for using Camera Uploads 3 GB
  • Link with Facebook 125 MB
  • Post <3 to Twitter 125 MB
  • Why you love Dropbox 125MB
  • Follow @Dropbox on Twitter 125 MB
  • Link with Twitter 125 MB
  • Getting Started 250 MB
After these tasks you will have 2GB + 500MB + 3.88GB = 6.38GB


FREE Free transfer of up to £500

Very good debit card that does not charge you commission or exchange rate made to withdraw money at foreign ATMs.
How does it work? With the link below, you get a free transfer of up to £500. The problem with normal international transfers and ATM withdrawals is that there are hidden fees in the exchange rate. The solution is: TransferWise
The pillars of the product
1.. Price; cheapest way to send money abroad
2. Security
3. Speed, instant transfers
4. Coverage of currencies and countries
5. TransferWise will help you save money with international transfers

Revolut logo

Bono de bienvenida de $50 de Revolut

Very good debit card that does not charge you commission or exchange rate made to withdraw money at foreign ATMs and easy to change currencies easy to change.
How does it work: You will save a lot of money using this card in foreign countries and with a free bonus of $50,- you can't go wrong. To receive $50,- free in your Revolut account you have to follow these steps:
1. Register with the link below
2. Verify your identity
3. Add money to your Revolut account by connecting your bank account or bank card
4. Order a physical Revolut card (delivery time 7-9 business days)
5. Make 3 separate purchases of a minimum of €5,- with your virtual debit card or physical card in a store or online store, for example (transfers, bets or gift card purchases do not count as a purchase).

housesit match

Travel with free accommodation with housesitting Match

Travel and stay for free in beautiful places in exchange for taking care of pets. That's possible? Yes, there are websites like Housesitting Match that connect house sitters and homeowners looking for a trusted house and pet sitter. You can register an account for free and take a look to see if this site is right for you. This site focuses on the UK, Ireland, France, Australia, Beijing, and Spain. If you are looking for housesitting opportunities in other countries, you can visit the trusthousesitters.com website, which has a worldwide database and more options.

Twilio $10,- descuento

$10,- FREE! Create a phone number for any country and make sms marketing automations

Receive $10,- in your Twilio account if you register your account with the link below. With Twilio you can create various phone numbers and types of phone numbers (Local, National, Mobile, Toll Free, Short Code) for any country with various capabilities (Voice, SMS, MMS, Voice and SMS). You can make and receive calls and send text messages (SMS and MMS) in bulk for very affordable prices. These numbers can be used for your international website or to capture leads in several countries and see conversion statistics for each number. The number can forward to your mobile number for example. You can also automate the mailbox or make automatic responses with voice or video and sms marketing and much much more with Twilio. If you want we can help you automate everything!

Roboform Everywhere 6 extra months free with this link

Roboform Everywhere Password Manager 6 Months Free

Roboform Everywhere Password Manager for PC, Mac, Laptop and Mobile Devices (iPhone and Android) Additional 6 months free with our link with any purchase over a year. If you want to stay organized and be able to fill in username, passwords, and profile details to create new accounts or comment on blog posts, you need this password manager. It is by far the easiest to use with a simple browser plugin or mobile app - you have access to all the data you use all the time when using your computer, your mobile phone and the internet. A great time saver!

Cabify Enlace Descuento

30% discount on your next 4 taxi rides with Cabify

With our link you get 30% discount for your next 4 rides riding with Cabify. Cabify is active in all mayor cities in Spain so it will be very useful when you come to Spain You can order a cheap Cabify taxi in: Alicante, A Coruña, Barcelona, Benidorm, Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Murcia, Santander, Sevilla, Valencia y Zaragoza

$50 off your next stay booked on Coliving.com

With our link you get $50 discount on your next stay booked on Coliving.com

MailerLite Descuento

$20 for FREE with our link!

Mailerlite is the email client we use for our own newsletters and email automations. By using our link, you will get a $20 bonus in case you upgrade your account in the future. Mailerlite is the most affordable newsletter system that provides free automations and up to 1000 free newsletter subscribers. You can send 12,000 emails per month completely free. Upgrades are available from $9/mo where you will get more features and unlimited monthly emails you can send https://colivingdigitalnomad.com/link/19/mailerlitecom

Travel insurance for digital nomads

Below we tell you about travel insurance for digital nomads. There is a new travel insurance especially for digital nomads called PassportCardNomads that can be interesting if you are a digital nomad and need more security due to the Covid issue. And below are two more travel insurance options for digital nomads SafetyWing and WorldNomads. You have to look at which travel insurance is best for your situation and your needs. As we have understood, most digital nomads prefer SafetyWing for their travel insurance.

Safety Wing is one of the best travel insurance for digital nomads that covers Covid-19 treatment and unexpected quarantine! Check the widget below


Worldnomads offers digital nomads and people who travel the world or travel many times a year with insurance that covers all the important things you need. Use the form below to get an instant, free quote.


Find out about everything that happens in our Community here

Get offers, joint discounts, workshops and tools for your business.

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