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El Palmar, Cádiz

Welcome to Coliving El Palmar, Cádiz, the first coliving in El Palmar for Digital Nomads. Creativity flows here. Work on your project in a privileged environment, connect with other entrepreneurs who inspire you, increase the productivity of your business by living in a healthy way with high vibration! Combine your professional life with excursions to the nature, hiking, long walks to the beach, horseback riding on El Palmar beach, the Breña natural park and Mangueta beach with the Trafalgar lighthouse by your side, playing sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, riding a bike and much more Discover the best balance to work online and be in connection with nature.
Be part of our Ecolivers community, get inspired, grow your business, increase your network, your health and your personal life and guide you to where you really want to go!
Share skills in a relaxed and healthy way with other positive-minded entrepreneurs.
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Get offers, joint discounts, workshops and tools for your business.

What is this co-living about?

Piscina con vistas al bar, barbecoa, banco y placas solares

Live next to nature

Live a healthier lifestyle connected with mother earth and nature. Surrounded by trails, fields and just 1km from one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Palmar beach, meca pipes, Hierbabuena.

Asi viven los Ecoliver a la playa de El Palmar

With other digital nomads like you

Work and learn in a community of nomads. Live a healthy lifestyle that enhances your well-being Share with other lok@s of entrepreneurship ideas, anecdotes and create synergies.
Live unforgettable moments accompanied.

Take care of yourself inside and out

Reinventing yourself requires an inner commitment. In our community you will expand your mind and broaden your vision and perspective. Practice and integrate techniques to achieve vitality and that energy is reflected in your results.


We call ourselves that because we believe in a way of life, free, whose choice is ours, with a philosophy of caring for the world in which we live. Live surrounded by nature, with fresh air and in harmony. Taking care of the interior so that the exterior is healthy, coherent, abundant and happy. We are creative people, restless, normally travelers who like to get to know people, cultures and new ways of thinking. Prejudice, complaint, or blame we keep it away. We like sharing, joy, and respect for the different ways of living, thinking and feeling that exist.

At our ECOLIVERS community


You will find a paradise in Spain, surrounded by nature, cultivated fields, dream beaches and lots of light and good weather.

It is no coincidence that we are here and that it is an ideal place for digital nomads.

In fact, if you are not a digital nomad, it will not be easy to live here.

Good weather and lots of light

Community discounts

Flexible dates for you to come

Networking community

Activity proposals

Meet digital nomads in person

The community inside

The community nurtures

For face-to-face Ecolivers You can share with other digital nomads
  • Barbecues in our garden with swimming pool
  • Healthy Cooking Masterclass
  • Yoga Classes
  • Group training
  • Excursions to white villages with wine tasting
  • Local Events
For Ecolivers online
You can share with other digital nomads
  • Discounts on travel, insurance and other colivings
  • Digital Marketing courses and workshops with our ambassadors
  • Private Facebook group with ecolivers
  • Discounts and special conditions on marketing services for your business.
At our coliving

Presential @ El Palmar, Cádiz

Enjoy beaches, excursions, sports and healthy activities surrounded by beaches and nature.

From distance


Take advantage of the community, to nurture ideas, contacts, discounts and more knowledge.

About Colving Digital Nomad

We have a coliving space where we can host digital nomads and offer services such as a coworking space, workshops, retreats, and courses. Connect with other digital nomads in a privileged environment and enjoy a healthy life full of knowledge. Breathe, free yourself and increase your network!

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¿Quieres una (video) llamada para hablar sobre nuestro concepto de coliving y saber que expectativas puedes tener?

Te invitamos al paraiso El Palmar, Cádiz
Te invitamos al paraíso El Palmar, Cádiz

Si quieres una (video) llamada con Whatsapp o Google Meet para conocernos y nuestro concepto de coliving puedes apuntar tu cita aquí. Ten en cuenta que ahora estamos viajando en México con una horario de 7 horas de diferencia como puedes ver un nuestro canal en Youtube. Volvemos en septiembre para abrir el coliving dia 16 de septiembre. ¡También puedes encontrar el calendario para hacer una cita en nuestra página de contacto