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The difference between Co living in Madrid and Co-living in El Palmar is that you will be more connected with nature and have a better, healthier and more productive work/life balance. At the beach of El Palmar you can enjoy the surf lifestyle and surf almost every day from October till the end of may. Enjoy ecological food, excursions to cute white villages with amazing views, have a healthy lifestyle and get inspired by spiritual workshops and exercises such as Kundalini yoga. It is a place where you can have the perfect work life balance. Something that you probably cannot have when you stay in the city because of all the traffic, the noise, the pollution. It is hard to get rest in a city that never sleeps.

Some situations that you will not find in the city
Imagine yourself watching the stars at night with a glass of wine with deep, spiritual music that moves you emotionaly. Watching the falling stars, it is an amazing feeling to be connected with nature. Imagine yourself. Watching the sunset with the sun going down in the sea, forming an spectactular scerery with the clouds making beautifull color formations, deep dark red to purple, pink, yellow and blue. An spectacle that you can enjoy alsmost every day in El Palmar where the sunsets are just amazing and more beautiful than in neighbouring villages and any other place in the world where we have been.

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