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Sun and great weather

It is not for nothing that they call the Atlantic coast of Cádiz Costa de la Luz. The weather is good with sun almost all the year. You can enjoy a lot of light and good temperatures. However, you should bring a jacket in winter that blocks the wind, so keep that in mind.

Flexible dates

You decide how long you stay. The minimum stay is only 7 days. We will be delighted to welcome you. In the year 2022 we have availability from September 16 to the end of May.


We propose multiple activities, to that you choose what to do or not to do.

From meditation, surfing, excursions, to concerts, Spanish classes, personal growth workshops, music and cooking.





El Palmar, the paradise we have known for a long time more than 15 years and that stole our hearts, a place we never want to leave and to which we are always happy to return.

The beach El Palmar is located 5km from Conil de la Frontera and 5km from Zahora, a district of Barbate that has very nice beaches and beach bars. Although it belongs to the town of Vejer de la Frontera.

With a kilometric beach, with fine sand, where in the mornings the inhabitants take walks, we surf, play sports or sit and watch the beach bars and shops across the street open.

In this place you breathe good vibes, and to live here you have had to shed your 8-hour salary, work in one of the very few shops that open throughout the year or dedicate yourself to surfing.

A paradise for digital nomads as they do not depend on the high season for job offers.

Rich, varied and healthy food, picturesque bars, live music and renowned singer-songwriters and a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Good weather akmost all year round
Sunshine and Light 90%
Happiness and fun times
Beautiful sunsets and views
Beautiful biking and hiking trails 80%
Peaceful and relaxing place
Coliver en El Palmar
It's not just about having good ideas, but about making them come true
Raquel Laso




In our Community you will find Wooden Houses with 2 rooms each, Garden, pool, bbq and Co-working area

You can work inside the houses, on the porch, in the pool or in the co-working area.

The work tables are shared, as are the two kitchens, where you can cook whatever you like. If you need a more private place, you can surely find it because there is plenty of space.

Good vibes

What is El Palmar and why is it so special?


El Palmar is one of the the best beaches in Andalusia.

Es is a special place on the south coast of Spain where you will find the best of many worlds, such as beautiful white sand beaches and that come from the Sahara desert (more than 8 km from the Atlantic Ocean coast).

You will find the typical Andalusian Spanish culture like flamenco, tapas, joy, water sports, surfing, the windsurfing, the kitesurfing , body boarding, kayaking, paddle boarding (SUP), (mountain) biking and beautiful flower fields.

The wind conditions are caused by the narrowing of the land where the southern part of Europe almost connects with Morocco, the northern part of Africa. In fact, you can clearly see Morocco on clear days, as it is only about 40 to 50 km from El Palmar and at the narrowest point of Tarifa only 14 km.

Due to these unique conditions, the coast of Cádiz is an ideal place for water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing due to to the unique beach break formation. The high season for surfing takes place in winter, from October to March. The wind blows all year round, so you can enjoy kitesurfing and windsurfing all year round.

Yoga, meditation and personal development

A multitude of personal growth activities such as Kundalini Yoga, meditation, a gong bath and even a cocoa ceremony, come together in this magical place every week in spaces or on the beach.

Surf, windsurf and paddle surf

El Palmar beach is one of the favorites for lovers of these water sports that visit it throughout the year. In the months of May to the end of October the waves are smaller and in November to the end of April they are bigger. For beginners there are almost always places where the conditions are good to learn.

Beautiful unique landscapes full of nature and wide views


El Palmar is home to a very unique landscape due to the wide variety of properties, land and agriculture that you will find in El Palmar.

Wherever you walk, you will find that each house and land is unique and has different animals, crops or flowers growing on it.

Especially between November and May you will find flower fields everywhere with different types of flowers, it is very beautiful. The views change every corner you go through and with the change of light it forms spectacular views.

We particularly like the views of the neighboring white village of Conil de Frontera.

The reflection of the light is amazing and during sunset the white houses take on a reddish pink glow.

Our houses are situated a bit in the upper part of El Palmar, so when you go outside you can see all of El Palmar and also enjoy the views of Conil de la Frontera.

Our houses are located just 200 meters from the bike path that will take you to all the neighboring towns such as Conil de la Frontera (5KM), Zahora (5KM) and Caños de Meca (7KM).

Curiosities of Palmar

Atardecer precioso en El Palmar

El Palmar (also known as: El Palmar de Vejer)

It is the official beach of the mountain town Vejer de la Frontera and is 11 km away. This town is known for its beauty as it has been awarded several times as the most beautiful of the various white towns that Andalusia houses. El Palmar belongs to an area called “Comarca La Janda”.

Asi viven los Ecoliver a la playa de El Palmar

The atmosphere and the people of El Palmar

There is a relaxed, free atmosphere, some say it is a hippie area.
Many inhabitants have their own gardens, chickens and land with cows and even horses.
Coastal rural area, where you can have a coffee in one of the beach bars or a mojito watching the sunset.

Ir a barres de tapas

Unique gastronomy

A very typical dish that you will find here and that you probably won't find anywhere else in Europe other than Cádiz and maybe in some bigger cities in Spain, if you are lucky, is bluefin tuna (bluefin tuna). There are several parts of bluefin tuna that have very different characters, flavors, and are used in very different dishes. Retinto meat is also unique to the area. For those of you who are vegetarian or vegan, orchards are common so you can eat healthy and fresh food.



Bienvenidos al Paraíso

An impression of the area, landscape, sunsets and activities you can do


Find out about everything that happens in our Community here

Get offers, joint discounts, workshops and tools for your business.

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