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Coliving, the trend of sharing Accommodation with people with whom you have a personal and professional lifestyle in common, in this case, the digital nomad lifestyle, however there are many types of digital nomads.

At Ecolivers we like nature and combine PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH with our Passion and Profession.

Being surrounded by nature, fresh air and activities that connect us and raise our energy are the foundation of this community.

We feel free, but we respect and care for the world in which we live.

We know the potential that our mind and body have when they are in the right environment. Positivism, creativity, inspiration, peace, inner serenity…

Here you will find joy, a desire to share and a lot of inspiration for your business or project, while you can enjoy activities in nature, such as surfing, hiking, yoga, gong baths, live music, sunsets, sports on the beach.

What you will not find are drunkenness, complaints, demands, superficiality and misunderstanding.

We create this space to get together, those of us who believe in these values ​​and are committed to them:

Ecolivers Community

conectar en coliving-digital-nomad-el-palmar


Regain the ability to choose who you want to be, where you want to be or what color hair to have. You are the creator of your life and in this Community you will experience your freedom.



Honesty is a fundamental moral value to establish interpersonal relationships based on trust, sincerity and mutual respect

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Regain the ability to choose who you want to be, where you want to be or what hair color to have. We all travel with our own backpack, and ours is unique, so we can understand you. We want you to recover your enthusiasm for life, and to get excited again with the little things. In this space and environment the internal and external inspiration will come faster. You are the creator of your life and in this Community you will experience your freedom.

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We know that you haven't done what you really feel or think for a long time... Traveling as a tribe will open your mind and also your heart, to feel your inner coherence.

classes de surf el palmar


Connect with your inner child, who liked to run, get dirty, take risks and discover new things. The one who was not afraid!

conectar en coliving-digital-nomad-el-palmar


Our commitment is to make a better world, starting to take care of ourselves. We know that if you are well, the world is better!

Ecolivers Community

hacer amistadas en el coliving para nómadas digitales en El Palmar

Connection with other Digital Nomads

Find Your Digital Nomad Community!
Finding your community and circle of digital nomad friends is one of the best activities you can do while traveling and working around the world, as it will allow you to enjoy many of your leisure and fun spaces together with people with whom you can establish great relationships. , network, receive help when you need it, find out about unique opportunities and get to know your destination from a new perspective. A good network can open many doors!

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Discounts and advantages in digital marketing group

There are hundreds of digital marketing tools that solve big problems for us, save us time and even do a lot of our work, however having them all is difficult to keep up to date. With the discounts in the community tribe we share quotas and you can afford several improving your work and gaining time and money for your life.

talleres en el coliving El Palmar

Courses, workshops, tools and strategies to improve your effectiveness, your health, well-being and balance

Courses, workshops, news, interviews with mentors who teach you strategies, people who have great information to share. Expand your perspective, gain knowledge and information in a fun way with this space.



Look back and see all that you have achieved!

All that you could overcome.

Now look ahead, the best is yet to come.

Disfruta las playas bonitas
Conectarse con la naturaleza, asi puedes encontrar un buen balance

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny takes its form


Find out about everything that happens in our Community here

Get offers, joint discounts, workshops and tools for your business.

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About Colving Digital Nomad

We have a coliving space where we can host digital nomads and offer services such as a coworking space, workshops, retreats, and courses. Connect with other digital nomads in a privileged environment and enjoy a healthy life full of knowledge. Breathe, free yourself and increase your network!

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